Fine Art & Collectibles

Commercial Property

Coverage designed for corporate collections, galleries and museums


Paintings in the lobby of a law office, trophies and memorabilia at a local golf club, rare book collections at a school or college, a galleries stock in trade and collections at a local, state or national museum, DUAL's ability to uniquely craft coverage to fit the singular needs of each collection or inventory held for sale is what sets us apart and why clients and brokers alike trust DUAL to cover their livelihood and what they hold most dear.


DUAL’s Fine Art & Collectibles program provides insurance products for a variety of art collections including but not limited to paintings, sculptures, ephemera, jewelry, couture, rare books and manuscripts, antiques, and other objects of artistic or historic merit. Fine Art dealers stock in trade, museums collections and traveling exhibitions coverages also available.

  • Domestic and international transit coverage
  • Flexible deductible options
  • Minimum premium: $2500
  • Primary and Excess limits available
  • Non-admitted DUAL proprietary policy forms
Target Classes
  • Museums
  • Universities & Educational Facilities
  • Religious Institutes
  • Art Galleries & Private Dealers
  • Personal Collectors, including Jewelry collections
  • Corporate Collectors
  • Municipalities
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