New Teams

DUAL is always looking for product experts to join the team


Are you an expert in a specialty underwriting product looking for the right place to start your own program? Our strategy for new underwriting teams reflects our People First culture. We build businesses around people, not the other way around. Each of our underwriting programs starts with an underwriter, a leader, an entrepreneur who is looking for the next step in their career.


More than 30 reputable carrier partners support our existing suite of products. DUAL's reputation for underwriting integrity and profitability in the market lends itself well to our extensive carrier relationships. Partnering with DUAL to start your business opens doors for partnerships, potential expansion, and an international distribution network.

Is DUAL right for you?
  • Define your own success
  • Entrepreneurial culture throughout the business
  • Speed to market
  • Access to global carrier relationships
  • Developed infrastructure to support you through launch and as you scale your business
  • Focus on underwriting integrity and profitability
Get in touch to start the next chapter of your career, today.