Transactional Risk

Representations & Warranties, Tax Liability, and Contingent Liability coverage for mergers and acquisitions

DUAL Transactional Risk specializes in underwriting insurance coverage for representations and warranties, tax liability, and contingent liability. The policies offered by our team of veteran, highly skilled underwriters are individually tailored to each risk. Our program aids mergers and acquisitions and other transactions by protecting parties involved in deals.

  • A rated carrier support
  • Capacity to underwrite transactions with limits in excess of $30M, either as a lead or participant in larger programs
  • Appetite for underwriting deals in all enterprise value ranges from small to mega market sizes.
Lines of Coverage
  • Representation & Warranties Insurance
  • Tax Liability Insurance
  • Contingent Liability Insurance
  • Appetite across an expanse of industry sectors, including energy, manufacturing, industrial, consumer products, financials services, media, telecommunications, technology, mining and utilities.
100+ years
of combined experience
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Contact the Experts
Daniel Bond
Senior Vice President
973-631-7575 x 480
Yashar Jafari
Senior Vice President
973-631-7575 x 481
Matthew Flug
Senior Vice President
973-631-7575 x 478
Angie Twarog
Vice President
973-631-7575 x 475
Ken Sebastianelli
Assistant Vice President
973-631-7575 x 489
Doris Baxley
Assistant Vice President
973-631-7575 x 485
Megan Greene
973-631-7575 x 477
Julie Romano
973-631-7575 x 405
Sarah Oldam
973-631-7575 x 482
Nicole Calderon
973-631-7575 x 466
Joseph Turcotte
973-631-7575 x 483
Brendan Evans
973-631-7575 x 484
Joseph Cubero
973-631-7575 x 491

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