DUAL Makes Some Big Wins - Toro De Oro Award

The ‘Stronger Together’ Hyperion conference, held in Seville in 2015, established the inaugural award to recognize individuals and groups within our company who exemplify cross-group collaborations. This award became known as the ‘Toro de Oro’ award, meaning ‘the Golden Bull.’ Out of a group of 5,000 employees, only about 47 individuals and teams received this highly coveted award. The goal is to recognize collaboration of the sums that makes us stronger, together. Employees are encouraged to submit nominations for this award every quarter where the winners are announced every year. This time, DUAL took home a big win.


Congratulations to our Transactional Risk Team!

We like to celebrate our teams here at DUAL, especially when they win the Toro De Oro! Our Transactional Risk team has received this award based on their merits of putting people first and providing aid for local communities. The Transactional Risk team joined DUAL in April, when businesses and local communities started to plummet due to COVID-19.


The team would normally be marketing their new product and meeting clients for lunch, dinner, or another event, but that suddenly wasn’t possible. They decided to redirect those costs to the people who really needed it and use this as an opportunity to support communities. How? They set up a series of ‘lunch and learn’ sessions to meet with clients virtually and made a donation to the organization of their client’s choice.


Donations were made to food banks, restaurants feeding local workers, hospitals working on vaccines, hospital supply funds, city meal delivery services for the elderly, and more. Including generous matched donations from brokers, these efforts were able to provide real relief to people and organizations in a time of great need. This effort of our newest team exemplifies our core belief that we have a responsibility to use our resources to effect positive change.


Congratulations to EIURS!

Our EIURS division has also won a Team Award for their ability to meet the challenge of succession planning, underwriting training, and talent acquisition while building a successful program. Since joining DUAL in 2015, they went from a team of five to a team of 21. They built their core team with seasoned underwriters considered specialists in their field and as they saw the opportunity for growth, they realized the need to diversify their hiring practices and focus on talent recruitment.


To maintain and continue to grow a truly sustainable business, EIURS decided to expand into recruiting and hiring recent Insurance & Risk Management graduates, growing them into the program. Based in Philadelphia, they have focused on Temple University and started creating pathways for new underwriters as a means of succession planning. Their program features mentorship from their seasoned underwriters to those new to the industry and a focus on personal and professional development, specialized training, and growth. By expressing genuine interest in their younger recruits, investing in their development and training, and creating a line of succession, EIURS has shown their commitment to the future. They have also allowed young, deserving individuals the chance to move into a very hands-on and linear career.


DUAL Commendation

EIURS has shown dedication to their clients, to each other, and to DUAL. Their investment in the next generation is exemplary of hardworking people. Additionally, the Transactional Risk team has encouraged others to start donating their time and money for their own communities. We are proud of these teams’ successes and can’t wait to see more from them. To learn more about these teams and the rest of DUAL, subscribe to receive updates here or visit our transactional risk program and our EIURS division.