DUAL North America Announces Strategic Partnership with CyberClan to Enhance Cybersecurity Offerings for Insured Clients

DUAL North America (“DUAL”) is pleased to announce its recent partnership with CyberClan, a leading cybersecurity risk management firm. This collaboration aims to bolster cybersecurity protections for DUAL's insured clients by offering exclusive, proactive risk management services.

This strategic partnership will further enhance the full suite of risk management solutions offered by DUAL. DUAL Cyber is now seamlessly integrated with DUAL Passport, streamlining access to cybersecurity services for clients. DUAL Passport allows Cyber producers to quote, bind, and issue policies, download policy documents, and receive real-time underwriting updates. 

DUAL Cyber provides a comprehensive first- and third-party solution for the needs of a broad spectrum of small to mid-sized businesses to protect them against various technology-related threats. The program not only helps businesses respond to and recover from digital attacks, it helps prevent them with included safety features. DUAL Cyber coverage includes system failure and dependent system failure, cyber theft coverage, telephone phreaking, crypto jacking, invoice manipulation, voluntary shutdown, claim preparation costs, and betterment.

"We're excited to announce our partnership with CyberClan as it provides us with a unique insight into our insured’s security posture," said Lawrence Baldino, President - Cyber, Technology, and Professional Liability at DUAL North America. "This relationship enables DUAL to proactively mitigate cyber events before they escalate into claims, offering a 'first-rate' Risk Management Platform. It not only makes us more competitive in the marketplace but also drives up new business while reducing claim frequency and severity."

DUAL's insured clients will benefit from exclusive complimentary CyberClan risk management services. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to access specialized services under CyberClan’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) at a discounted rate.

CyberClan, renowned for its proactive approach to cybersecurity, focuses on identifying vulnerabilities, crafting appropriate security architecture, and fortifying the most critical firewall - the human one. The partnership aims to leverage CyberClan’s specialized risk management offerings to reduce risk and shield clients' operational infrastructure from potential cyberattacks.

"We are thrilled to join forces with such a forward-thinking insurance underwriter,” said Patrick Griffith, EVP Sales and Revenue Operations at CyberClan. “Together, we're positioned to innovate the industry, leveraging creative, customer-first approaches and cutting-edge technologies. Our mission is to better serve, protect, and inform policyholders while supporting them in adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of risk management."

This collaboration underscores DUAL North America's commitment to enhancing its cybersecurity offerings and ensuring the robust protection of its insured clients against the ever-evolving cyber threats landscape.