How to Write a Great Insurance Event Follow-Up Email

Representatives from DUAL go to many conferences and industry events every year; the value of meeting with fellow professionals is not lost on the leaders here. However, a tradeshow represents a substantial financial and time investment. Between the price of travel, meals, registration, and booth giveaways, the cost of a tradeshow can really add up.

If you’re heading to an event like FSLA, WSIA, or PLUS, you need to make sure you’re utilizing every avenue to get the best return on investment for your efforts. From our experience going to tradeshows and being active in the industry, here are a few tips to write the best insurance event follow up email.


Don’t Re-Create the Wheel

Chances are you’ve already sent “follow-up” emails before in your career. The emails you’re sending out to your new conference contacts don’t need to be so different. Don’t waste your energy writing and re-writing the same email multiple times. Save your common emails as templates to be personalized and used again with a simple copy/paste.

It’s easy to create a general content outline of an email and leave spots to reference their name, the specific event where you met, what you discussed, etc. Not a writer? You can also browse online to get some template ideas and tweak them to better speak to your contact list. The point is, save your past successful email templates to work smarter and not harder.


Have a Clear Goal

Why are you emailing this person in the first place? Hopefully, it’s not just to say hi, nice to have met you. Do you want to set up a meeting with them? Send them product information? Get them to RSVP for an event? Make sure you have a very clear call-to-action in your email that recipients can click on. Otherwise, your vague email will fall in line with hundreds of others they’re getting from other conference guests. Don’t just touch base, drive action.


Don’t Give Up After One No-Response

If you give up after sending just one follow-up email, you’re quitting way too soon! You don’t have to be pushy, or aggressive like every lousy salesperson you can conjure in your mind. The honest truth is that sometimes emails fall through the cracks, look at your own email inbox as a perfect example. A reminder can be useful. In fact, sending another email to set up that meeting might show just how invested you are and that you have excellent follow-through. Be consistent and helpful to close more business and build relationships naturally.


Build Upon Your In-Person Meeting

They already heard your spiel and took your brochure at the conference, so do them a favour and send them something new. Use what you’ve already talked about to lead to more in-depth and targeted conversations. Take notes at the event to discover their needs. Is it Personal Lines, Commercial, or something else? By further qualifying the leads at the tradeshow, you can send them better follow-up emails with the information they need.

Also, most importantly, have someone spell check your emails before you send them! There’s nothing more embarrassing than typos or sending someone an email using the wrong name. Remember these tips when sending your next tradeshow follow-up email. These simple best practices will be setting you ahead of the pack. Want to stay up to date on what events DUAL will be attending? You can see our plans and request a meeting right on our events page