DUAL Travels to HubSpot's INBOUND Conference

If you're an underwriter or broker the words HubSpot and Inbound probably do not have much relevance in your day-to-day work life. Understandably so! However, for the marketing team here at DUAL, a group dedicated to driving meaningful client relationships and enhancing productivity through technology, HubSpot is a big deal. It's our bread and butter tool.INBOUND is HubSpot's annual conference, one of the largest and most spectacular of its kind. The DUAL team is excited to be in attendance this year for the very first time so we can continue to learn more, and subsequently help you do more. 

What is INBOUND? 

INBOUND is an annual conference held in Boston that gathers over 24,000 attendees and 250+ intellectual speakers from over 100 different countries! If you're in marketing, sales, customer service, etc. it is THE conference to attend. Four days of non-stop learning and inspiration helps attendees come away with actionable next steps to improve their marketing game-plans. With over 200 educational breakout sessions, there's something for everyone. In the past, they've held influential talks from well-known speakers such as Michelle Obama, Martha Stewart, and Gary Vaynerchuk!



INBOUND celebrates the human and helpful side of business, just like we do each day at DUAL.


What's the Agenda? 

Our marketing team has a full conference schedule; they will be running to educational sessions each day to soak up as much inspiration and knowledge as possible.They will be focusing on attending practical sessions that provide video marketing tips, chat bot integration help, website design best practices, and more. It's no secret that video marketing is an important part of a digital strategy, and we're excited to lean into video content in 2020.

What does all of that mean for you? Faster answers, more appealing content, and updates that are easier to digest.

We're really excited to implement what we learn at INBOUND into our marketing strategy. If you're heading to a big conference yourself like WSIA or PLUS, check out our other blog, it will help you manage your email marketing efforts after a big event. Please wish our marketing team good luck and safe travels.